Meet the Creators of Amé Et Emy Handmade Clothing

Our pieces are a collection of  handcrafted clothing made in Accra, Ghana with love and care. This brand is for the cultured, multifaceted woman with both print and non-print fabrics. Amé Et Emy was created by two cousins with the love for bold fashion and the passion to give back to Ghana in the way they know best.
Made by Women, For Women.

Meet Amé

Ame, also known as Christina is based in Accra and New York where she runs her first brand 'SkinByAme Natural Skincare., Amé has loved fashion from an early age, pulling inspiration from her sisters and iconic women with an unforgettable sense of style. During her last trip to her homeland of Ghana, the bright colors and eye-catching fabrics sparked an idea and birthed what you see know as Amé Et Emy Clothing. 

Meet Emy

Emy, also known as Lillian is a newly graduated fashion student based in Accra who loves the art of sewing and fashion. With her knowledge of design, her natural skills were perfect for what Amé Et Emy is - simple yet beautiful. She is the main maker and brain behind the designs of every one of our garments.